Why I’m in LEND

When I chose to take a gap year, I wanted to learn more about a topic that intellectually stimulated me and I wanted to use that knowledge to focus on serving my society before plunging into college. I was shadowing a pediatric neurology clinic and found myself wanting to learn more about the conditions and lives of the patients I would regularly observe. I’m participating in LEND because it gives me a wholesome view of  neurodevelopmental disorders; I learn about them from many different perspectives and angles I had no idea factored into the quality of an individual’s health. I am participating in LEND to broaden my horizons, and have a better knowledge of the neurodevelopmental conditions that have touched me, intrigued me, and directed me towards healthcare.


Who I Am

I graduated from high school in May of 2015 and I will be an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago starting September of 2016 after my gap year. LEND has taken up most of my time this gap year, but I also kickbox, enjoy writing poetry and prose, cooking and eating healthy, lifting, running around with my poodle, and reading!